How to use the Therastrap to stretch your shoulder properly

Grab your TheraStrap and lets start stretching that shoulder. First Open the door. Slide the loop side of the Therastrap through the space between the door and the door jam on the hinge side. Make sure that the loop and the strap stop bump are on the other side of the door and then close the door. Face the door straight on and grab the handle. Slowly lean back and gradually relax into the stretch. Please Watch The Video for more tips.

Why do we get shoulder pain from muscle knots

What are Muscle Knots? How did I get these Muscles Knots? Why do they hurt so much? and how do I get rid of Muscle Knots? TheraStrap! The connective tissues inside our shoulder muscles are made of collagen fibers and extend from one end of the muscle to the other. They are responsible for holding the muscles together and for the contraction of the muscle making it shorter, in effect causing joint movement. These fibers have a striated pattern making them pliable and flexible.

Everyday we put our bodies though activities that involve multiple joints and multiple muscles that cause micro tearing to these connective tissues. The tearing triggers the inflammatory response by our immune system. Inflammation causes swelling, pain and the process of healing. unfortunately the healing process cause the new collagen fibers to heal with a cross hatched pattern instead of the striated pattern. This cross hatched pattern of collagen fibers is referred to as scar tissue.

When scar tissue forms inside the muscle we often refer to it as knots or trigger points. These knots hold a section of the muscle in a spasm state 24/7 so it is like that part of the muscle is working out all day and all night. It can’t relax even when you are asleep. This spasm state repeatedly produces lactic acid which causes that constant burning achy pain that we feel. Once you start using the TheraStrap you will feel results in less than 2 weeks.